Medical Real Estate Opportunities With High-Yield Returns.

Coaction Group recognizes the need for innovative business approaches in the healthcare arena and encourages client participation in real estate investment opportunities. Such participation aligns interests and allows for sharing in the financial success of a project. Coaction provides the capital & structure for several strategic investment models:

Physician Investor Model

Two opportunities for physician investment:

Real Estate Development & Investment Strategy

  • Physicians may invest funds into project
  • Coaction finances balance of project cost
  • Project is marketed and sold at competitive FMV
  • Investments are paid back with an attractive ROI

Real Estate Ownership Strategy

  • Physician invests 25-35% of project cost as equity
  • Investment gain from front-end opportunity may be applied as down payment towards long term debt
  • Permanent loan put in place at completion of project
  • Physician owners realize ROI from net rents less debt service

Project Controlled and Funded By Coaction Development Group

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