Single-Source Healthcare Developer
Providing income diversification opportunities in the medical industry.

Where capital, development & opportunity meet.

Coaction Group: Forward Thinking for Today’s Medical Community.

Coaction Group is your partner for forward thinking, clinical income diversification strategies and opportunity development.

As a premier developer of medical facilities, we create clinical real estate opportunities that truly benefit our partners, clients, and the communities they serve. We offer 100% capital, non-recourse funding as well as transparent, TRUE equity partnerships in our projects through our syndicated, physician real estate investment opportunity model.

Our Single Source Advantage Means

We streamline the process of clinical facilities development. Our in-house team of architects, engineers, client and project managers, accountants and asset managers collaborate efforts resulting in increased efficiency and speed to market while delivering functional healing spaces that exceed expectations.


Opportunities We Develop

Coaction Group is shaping the future of healthcare by bringing clinical strategies and healthcare real estate opportunities to our provider partners.

Physician / Real Estate Investor
Discover the opportunities we can create for you…

Our Leadership.

Coaction Group: Commitment, Integrity & Transparency.

We build more than just premium facilities and strategic income opportunities. We develop long-term partnerships built on a foundation of commitment, integrity and transparency.


What our colleagues are saying about us

  • Coaction is not the type of firm that makes us fit them, they try to fit us.

    Interviewee Private Brand Research Study
  • They give suggestions about how to solve problems. Their customer service is phenomenal.

    Interviewee Private Brand Research Study
  • The clinics we have built with them are beautiful and above and beyond my expectations.

    Interviewee Private Brand Research Study
  • Experience, specific knowledge of our specialty, and the breadth of talent in their organization [are their greatest strengths].

    Interviewee Private Brand Research Study
  • They are extremely accommodating. You don’t have to go out and do a lot of legwork to get the process underway or done.

    Interviewee Private Brand Research Study
  • Coaction’s team makes them stand out from other developers. I always had a team on their side that was working to keep the job going well - scheduling, safety, quality, ordering on time of items with larger lead times and keeping up with getting utilities. Every part of the job Coaction helped with. I want to run my company like they do. I am not just saying that. The contracts were very detailed, strong and fair. [The] plans were the same -  very few problems.  I felt like it we were all on the same team trying for the same goal. Every time I had a RFI, I was given an answer quickly - EVERY time!

    Nate Cook Vice President / Cook Builders


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Architecture and Planning


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We can 100% fund and deliver completed medical facilities. We also encourage client participation in their real estate investment opportunity with our syndicated-model, TRUE equity partnership opportunities—the client, key physicians and other valued affiliates of the client are invited to co-invest alongside us in either the clinical or real estate opportunity.

Legal Expertise


We create clinical and medical real estate income diversification opportunities as solutions to healthcare needs within the communities we serve. Providing hospital systems, healthcare systems, and physicians with valuable market insights and revenue generating clinical and medical real estate opportunities that generate high-yield returns.



As your Single-Source medical facilities developer Coaction Group employs professionals and experts to complete your project from start to finish, including city planning, architecture, project management and in-house development teams to complete your project to our exacting standards.